Headmaster's Blog | Friday 2 October

02 October 2020


Arriving at the exeat weekend is a good thing for everyone. For the boys, they have devoted a lot of energy during the last month to readjusting to being back at school and there are signs of some tiredness. For my colleagues in the staffroom they have delivered what we said we would deliver with the education the boys deserve, safety for boys and staff, and all done so you barely notice. In truth, though, it has been hard with, for example, one event becoming three or more and logistical challenges of large bubbles from morning until evening. Parents have played their part, too, and we are grateful. Areas of improvement remain the same as the last time I shared my thoughts. The boys need to take more responsibility for washing their hands during the day so we do not ‘sound like a broken record’ and have greater ownership of bubble integrity.

This natural break also makes me reflect on the journey new boys and their parents have taken. Adjusting to Caldicott from another school is not rocket science – our values are talked about (The Caldicott Way), our expectations are high and all we ask in return is for each boy to start each day determined to be the best version of themselves. Knowing that on any given day there may be curve balls that have the potential to cause anxiety, work, disappointment is, of course, life. We also guide the boys to be self-aware of the strategies that work for them when it comes to dealing with a bump in the road. With those new parents in mind I am saddened that last night’s New Parents’ Supper could not happen, but it gives me pleasure to share that the Chair of the Friends of Caldicott, Jules Faulks, and I have agreed multiple online versions of the same warm welcome.

Boarders may return next week either on Monday evening or Tuesday morning and day boys will return on Tuesday morning. Time to recharge the batteries.

Jeremy Banks

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