Caldicott Through the Generations | Part Two

16 October 2020


This month we interview Sam and Charlie Noble. Sam arrived at Caldicott back in 1985 from a state school after being awarded a scholarship. He went on to be awarded a full academic and all-round scholarship to Pangbourne, studied History at the University of Nottingham and went on to co-found what is now a 20 year old international advertising agency and invest in a number of innovative businesses in the health, wellbeing and technology sector.

Both Sam and his wife Kate, have been wonderful supporters of the school as members of the Friends of Caldicott over the years. Their son Charlie is in 6th Form and, as well as enjoying his academics, is a regular performer on the stage and has performed in numerous concerts. He is due to be heading for Harrow next year.  


Sam Noble (1985 - 1988)

What memories do you have of your time at Caldicott? 

So many! I came on a scholarship from a state school at the start of the 4th Form and was made to feel incredibly welcome and supported right from the very start. It took no time to feel like a valued and valuable member of the Caldicott community. Particular snapshots include being so inspired the first time I watched the boys playing rugby (coming from a football background) and ending up playing at Twickenham before the Varsity match in front of a very tearful Dad; playing croquet on the front lawn on a summer’s evening; never wanting to leave the sports hall; playing chess at night before bed with teachers and friends; trying to help out some of the Junior School boarders with their homesickness when they needed it and the day I was awarded my scholarship to my next school.


Is there a particular teacher you remember from your time at Caldicott and why?

There are three. Each of them wholly backed my arrival at and journey through the school and were a huge source of support and motivation. Peter Smith (who taught me history which I went on to study at the University of Nottingham), ‘Musty’ Masterman (who taught me English and whom I am still in correspondence with today) and Peter Davies or ‘PERD” (who taught me Latin and was Head of McArthur). All great characters, inspiring teachers and total gentlemen to me.


What do you feel has changed most about Caldicott since you were a pupil?

What is so great about the school is how it achieves the balance of retaining great traditions with transforming to reflect the nature, challenges and opportunities of today’s world. I really think it is pretty unique at that. So, in many ways I still see the same values and core focus on community that I experienced benefiting Charlie today. At the same time though, the whole approach to pastoral, educational and extra-curricular care has become much more multi-dimensional and progressive to ensure the boys get a brilliant launch pad into modern young adult life.


Why did you choose Caldicott for your son?

See the above answer! I think because I was an OC I was even more keen to do real due diligence around all the options we are lucky enough to have (and not just go with my heart!). Going through that process really rigorously and seeing how positively Charlie himself responded to Caldicott just ended up affirming my convictions. He and our family have had some tough personal times to work through, but the Caldicott community has been a centre of support and positivity throughout. It has been so much more than a school.


Charlie Noble (2015 - present)

What does it mean to you to know that your father was also a Caldicotian?

I think primarily it makes me excited and joyous that I have been given the chance to become a man like him, and I have grasped that opportunity with both hands.


What is your favourite thing about Caldicott?

The sense of community. The fact that everyone can come here and thrive makes it such an amazing place to be.


What opportunities has Caldicott given you?

I have been able to develop my passion for drama and music, whilst also being given the opportunity to play sport to a really good level. A highlight would be when my team won house cricket in 2nd Form and we were running up and down Spens field giving each other piggybacks in celebration of our win.


The Caldicott Foundation offers means-tested bursaries to young boys who otherwise would not be able to access a Caldicott education. Many boys who have been awarded bursaries have gone on to win awards at their senior schools.


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Caldicott through the Ages Part Two | Sam and Charlie Noble

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