Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 7 November 2020

07 November 2020

I’m not sure how I feel about this first weekend of lockdown. Balanced with the continued disappointment of cancelled events and additional inconveniences away from Caldicott is the growing sense that Caldicott is in control. My colleagues are working hard and just as we did last summer, we are not declaring victory after a good day, we are working tirelessly to improve our offer. The difference now is that it felt we were imposing our refinements on the boys last summer and now it feels we are doing it with them, in a partnership of sorts.

Whilst it is always a gut wrenching moment when unwelcome news is delivered to boys, I sense their resilience growing and with it a very welcome trait: adaptability. This was noticeable twice this week – once over the debacle of the prospect of losing weekly boarding for a while and second when we cancelled Bonfire Night. They have got up, carried on and made good. The fun and laughter of the Halloween party was testimony to that.

Sadly I think we will need to escalate our mask policy to all boys as new interpretation of the guidance indicates that in schools with a 5th and 6th Form all pupils should wear a mask wherever boys move around the premises, outside of classrooms and communal areas where social distancing cannot easily be maintained. To be honest, it’s an oddly worded sentence which is ambiguous, but I plan for the worst in the absence of clarification. In light of this I warmly invite you to purchase a Caldicott Face Mask which is a charitable activity organised by Wilfie M and the charity committee.

I’m very grateful to you for the kind words you have shared with your son’s teachers and I agree! The looming likelihood of school absence thanks to ‘track and trace’ will make the hybrid teaching approach even harder – just imagine being asked to juggle with three balls, then being asked to juggle with three balls in each hand. We are working on plans to ensure we can do it and only be satisfied when every child is thriving whilst accessing either approach.

Have a good weekend.

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