Caldicott Through the Generations | Part Three

19 November 2020


For our next instalment of Caldicott Through the Generations we interview Nick Carter Shaw (OC 1980-1986) and his two sons Montgomery (Year 6) and Edward (Year 3). Nick was a Caldicott boarder from the tender age of 7 and was fortunate to have the guidance of his two elder brothers Johnathan (OC 1977-1982) and Christopher (OC 1979-1984). Nick's sons Montgomery and Edward have also enjoyed the opportunity to have that additional layer of fraternal support.  

After leaving Caldicott, Nick went to Radley College and then after an amazing Gap Year, he went to Exeter University where he studied Economics and Statistics. He qualified at PwC as a Chartered Accountant then worked at Amazon, followed by 6 years at Expedia during the early days of the internet when everything was moving online. Nick followed that by moving to STA Travel, which sadly has now become a casualty of the pandemic, where he ended up with a role which meant he did lots of travelling. He now works at Springer Nature which is an academic publishing company. As such, he is surrounded by some of the greatest scientific minds.


Nick Carter Shaw (1980 1986)

What memories do you have of your time at Caldicott? 

I have always looked back on my time at Caldicott with huge fondness. I was lucky enough to play in an Invicta 1st XV with some great players and the memory of that achievement will be with me forever. I recall, as most people do, the ‘tuck’ shop, the pluses and minuses system, having to wear shorts even in the snow, the Fire alarms in the middle of the night, playing lots of table tennis, the Fete and generally having a huge amount of fun.


What sort of activities did you get involved in outside of the classroom?

Sport has always been an important part of life at Caldicott and, as a Boarder from an early age, I managed to utilise the great facilities most weekends. The teachers always ensured we had something to do and we were only allowed to watch TV if it was raining. I did manage to watch most of the James Bond films though so the weather clearly wasn’t much better all those years ago! When it wasn’t wet, we had to be outside and I spent time doing numerous activities including enjoying free swim times, playing British Bulldog, tennis, squash and even croquet on what was the Headmasters lawn.


Both of your brothers are also OCs. Was it helpful having older brothers at Caldicott? 

Absolutely. I was a boarder from the age of 7 and so having two brothers at school helped me settle in (I was the youngest). It made my life so much easier as although we didn’t necessarily catch up when we were at school, we always knew each other were there in case we needed them. I always attempted to watch them in matches if my team finished earlier and it was good to have them around.


Why did you choose Caldicott for your sons? 

I was always very fond of Caldicott and wanted my children to experience something similar. When we started looking at Schools I was pleased to see Caldicott’s reputation was excellent and its academic credentials had improved over the years. It wasn’t until we saw the amazing facilities and met the senior staff that we were convinced this was the right place for them. 


What do you feel has changed most about Caldicott since you were a pupil? 

Well the one thing that hasn’t changed is the swimming pool! Clearly the expansion down into ‘Spens’ has made a huge difference and the new ‘theatre’ rather than the old gym is a great addition. Apart from the grounds and buildings, the biggest change is that the boys no longer board at 7 and the large fleet of mini buses.


Montgomery Carter Shaw (2017 - present) and Edward Carter Shaw (2020 - present)

What does it mean to you to know that your father was also a Caldicotian?

Montgomery - I feel very proud that I am following in my father’s footsteps. 

Edward - When Daddy tells me stories about his time at Caldicott, I find them more interesting. Recently we went through his old boxes and we saw pictures of his time at Caldicott including some of the comments from his teachers.


What is your favourite thing about Caldicott?

Montgomery - Definitely the sport and games and the amount of time we get to spend outside.

Edward - I also like games and playing with my new friends.


How important is the house system and being members of Cooper? 

Montgomery - Really important because you want your house to win so you can get tuck and have the end of term house party. 

Edward - I agree, I haven’t yet had an end of term party but hopefully I will soon.


What is the best thing about having your brother at school with you? 

Montgomery - I feel proud when he does well and I can look out for him if I need to. I really enjoyed running the 600m with him earlier this term after he was hurt at the start of the First Form race so he had to run it again by himself. Mr Hutchinson asked me to go around with him. 


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