Headmaster's Blog | Friday 20 November 2020

20 November 2020


Last week I described how at ease we all are with the alternative ways we’ve been doing things and this week has been no different. Parents Evening for the 3rd Form went well on Teams and the 4th Form event will follow soon. One parent wondered why exercise books had not gone home for a while and I’m afraid the answer is the obvious one – the restrictions currently in place. I am sorry about this but with enhanced parents evening and report writing arrangements, plus our willingness to meet on Teams too, we want you to feel as involved with your son’s Caldicott journey as ever – perhaps even more so. I must also thank the vast majority of you for mirroring our approach to maximising hygiene and minimising risk. Logically it cannot be down to our behaviours alone that we still have no positive cases, but now is not the time to let up. Your sons do over-share sometimes, so I implore you to abide by the tighter restrictions of this current lockdown. Like many of you, I am looking ahead to Christmas and time with my own wider family.

As I mentioned in this missive previously, General Studies has returned temporarily as we cannot offer Wednesday visiting for boarders as we would prefer. Last Wednesday the boys were treated to hearing from Robert Thorogood (the creator of ‘Death in Paradise’) talking about his experience from school up to trying to make a success of life an author. He introduced the boys to the OODA loop which I had not heard of before, but it was a strong message as an approach to handling challenging situations: Observe / Orientate / Decide / Act. Other boys took part in a workshop led by Katie Breathwick (Classic FM and journalist) on virtuous behaviour and decision making, from a position of privilege.

We now have exeat weekend and I look forward to welcoming boys back on either Monday night or Tuesday morning. Some of the boarders are hankering for time at home and I understand. Whilst it is important we maintain our full week, we recognise that one or two need to reconnect with home because their experience is not quite what we or they would ideally want. They are learning so much from the experience that has been inflicted on them and they will be more resilient and adaptable because of it.

Have a good weekend.

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