Welcoming Pupils From All Walks of Life

26 November 2020


At Caldicott we welcome boys from all backgrounds and, subject to a friendly, age-appropriate assessment, offer an individualised education to all, no matter what age they join or where they’ve joined from. To highlight the diversity of backgrounds, we have sought the insight of three Caldicott pupils: one who joined from a local primary school, one from a prep school in London, and one from overseas.

Often there is a concern among parents that when coming from a primary school their son may not be able to ‘catch up’, but this could not be further from the truth as Noah confirms: ‘The way lessons are taught is different, when someone needs help, we’ll go through it lots of different ways until everyone understands it’. This is in part thanks to our incredible teachers, but also due to classes being smaller meaning there is time to ensure all boys absolutely understand what is being taught.

Noah admitted he felt nervous when coming to Caldicott on his first day, which is completely to be expected, although he was very quickly made to feel at home by teachers and pupils alike. ‘One group of boys invited me to play with them, so I always play with them now which is fun’. He continues, ‘the teachers are really nice because they would put me next to someone I already know so that if I felt like I needed help I wouldn’t be shy to ask for it which made me feel more comfortable straight away’. Since joining, Noah has discovered new interests: ‘I’ve got into Latin, Philosophy, PSHE and Drama….I’ve also got into rugby which I’d never done before and now I find I really enjoy it’.

Next, we asked Fergus, a boy who enrolled last September from a school in London, about his favourite experiences. ‘The size of the grounds and the food’, was his response when asked about the main differences from his last school to Caldicott. ‘There’s lot more space here, Burnham Beeches is really nice too and I love the rugby and cricket here’. He went on to say, ‘the teachers are really welcoming, the boys were all really nice and I made a friend very quickly on the bus which was great’.

Finally, Teddy opened up about what it was like moving from Bermuda to Essex and, last September, to Caldicott. The biggest difference from Bermuda may not come as a shock, ‘well it’s warmer and sunnier in Bermuda, for a start! But in all seriousness, it’s much more spacious here and you don’t have to drive for hours and hours to get around’. He transitioned from a brief stint at a small prep school in Essex and says, ‘I have been given a lot more responsibility since joining; for example, I am now House Captain’. As well as this increase in responsibilities, Teddy has noticed an academic shift. ‘There was quite a lot of homework in my old school, and they were a lot more focused on just Maths and English, whereas here the spectrum is much broader due to us studying Common Entrance. Thankfully, everyone made it easy for me to catch up, and it was much quicker than I thought’. What stands out to Teddy is the sense of comradery and togetherness of the school: ‘There are lots of people who are just there for you and you really notice how much Caldicott is like a family when you come back after Summer or Christmas holidays; it’s that sense of coming back home’.

Thank you to these boys who took their time to open up and tell us about their range of experiences in coming to Caldicott. With our incredible staff and boys who embody our school values of compassion and integrity, joining the Caldicott family is as smooth a transition as you will find.

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