Headmaster's Blog | Friday 15 January 2021

15 January 2021


I can hardly believe that this is the end of the first full week of VC! Just as we did last summer we are working tirelessly parallel to our teaching as we review progress and consider updates to bring in at the beginning of the week. On any given week we’ll have finalised those updates on Friday and the Bulletin the following Monday will explain all that you need to know. Your feedback has been very useful to us and in summary, parents agree with our narrative of ‘maintaining routine and keeping connected’ which we are pleased about. You are particularly pleased with our decision to commit to live lessons only and our teachers would echo this sentiment. We’ve also noticed, however, that some aspects of our routine make it harder for teachers and boys in those live lessons, so the routine will be tweaked next week as our priority will always be high quality learning. As I said in assembly recently we feel that virtual live lessons are not a barrier to high quality learning outcomes for the boys so, as you can tell, we’ve set the bar very high and we intend to rise to that challenge.

It seems that in light of the recent escalation in cases, our experience this term is very different to last summer. At that time, I felt as if COVID-19 was happening elsewhere and all I needed to do at Caldicott was obsess about the effectiveness of VC. This time it feels more personal and more likely to impact on us and our loved ones. You or your sons may struggle and we are there to support you too, so please let us know how we can help. We are spending far more time monitoring pupil wellbeing and each week boys have the opportunity to complete a survey that we use to look for patterns of behaviours or sudden changes in morale.

In ‘keeping connected’ not only am I grateful to you for the positive feedback, I’d also like to steer you towards our social media as it provides a lovely fly on the wall experience for you which we think will raise the spirits and will also keep you feeling in touch.

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