Headmaster's Blog | Friday 22 January 2021

22 January 2021


In the course of this week I have had the pleasure of taking a lot of boys through a mock interview experience. This has been a great antidote to the frustration of self-isolation, which ends today for the Banks family! With so many boys to speak with, time was limited and so the questions were based on their answer to a classic icebreaker question: ‘What three words would your friends use to describe you?’ I thought it would be interesting for you to read the range of words included (no particular order to this list and, inevitably, some words were said by several boys): thriving, confident, sporty, kind, competitive, loyal, optimistic, cautious, caring, humorous, curious, considerate, annoying, loud, imaginative, kind-hearted and intelligent. Interesting, don’t you think?

The 4th Form continue to study the 17 Global Goals (www.globalgoals.org) and I am so impressed with the connection to each goal. Two boys I spoke with recently told me that reducing gender inequality was the one they hoped would be achieved soonest and I’m delighted they thought so – such maturity on display from Caldicott boys is a reminder to us the potential each and every boy has here. We’re lucky to have them as members of our community.

Looking ahead, speculation about a return to normal schooling is on the increase in the media, but I probably speak for all of us as I share the view that a return after half term is optimistic. As you know we designed this version of VC to suit the boys at a time when we wanted to overcome the problems of poor weather, short days and missing routines. If the lockdown is extended, we will review why we are doing what we are doing and with it, what we do moving forward.

Have a good exeat weekend.

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