Headmaster's Blog | Friday 05 February 2021

05 February 2021


Here at Caldicott we’ve had a focus on Children’s Mental Health Week, as have many other schools. Throughout this term the subject of the boys’ mental health has never been far from our conversations and the weekly wellbeing surveys have been very helpful. With a range of events and activities this week, we hope to make the boys more self-aware and build resilience. Ma’am Bisschop shared an excellent resource on the subject of resilience with all boys this morning and I’ll share the six ‘domains of resilience’ with you now: 1) Vision; 2) Composure; 3) Reasoning; 4) Health; 5) Tenacity; 6) Collaboration.


As you know, we’re continually reviewing how we are doing and on top of the change to our approach in the second half of term, we’ve also stopped prep being set for the older boys for the time being as we are aware that some of them continue to struggle to get on top of their assignments. The truth is, we just need to be pragmatic as it has nearly been a month of VC2 and the boys are tired. It’s critical that they get to the half term break with the ‘to do’ list completed. The boys have triumphed, the learning outcomes has been heartening despite the ongoing disappointment of not being at school and with rumours of school reopening in circulation, we can be pretty certain that it will be different after 8 March – we just don’t know how quite yet.


The highlight of my week so far has been our connection with the Dusty Yak Foundation. The boys will support this charity and get involved with helping the girls learn and read. If you’ve missed it, their ambition is to relieve the poverty, advance the education and protect & preserve the health of orphans, neglected, impoverished and/or sick children in Nepal. We’ll be collaborating in a variety of ways, including live shared reading sessions.


The England/India cricket test and the England/Scotland 6 Nations matches are coming up….now that’s lifted your spirits!

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