Headmaster's Blog | Friday 05 March 2021

05 March 2021


Everyone has played their part and the boys have had an experience that has resulted in meaningful academic progress, breadth of opportunity and enrichment in all its forms. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t really cover the enormous sense of relief I feel for boys who have applied themselves, parents who have supported us, support staff who have worked on site or have played their part by being on furlough, plus our teachers who have had to retrain and reimagine how to kindle the magic of Caldicott. This has been life changing for many of the boys who have stumbled and adapted time and again, whilst battling feelings of annoyance, uncertainty and maybe even worry. Not in our lifetime have school children found themselves exploring the depth of their character as they have had to do and they will come out of this as the most resilient children imaginable. With the advancement of their skills, they are also a generation who are lightyears ahead with respect to using technology to advance learning and in communication. Nobody would wish this on them, but together we must all look forward with optimism and gratitude. We are all looking forward to returning on Sunday evening for boarders and Monday morning for day boys.

I am delighted to share good news today. Caldicott takes great pride in being a place where teachers can develop their talents and become school leaders. Earlier this week I shared with staff news that Ma’am Corrigan has been appointed Deputy Head of Locker’s Park School from September 2021 This is a fantastic opportunity for her and wish her well. Our plans to adjust to this will be communicated in due course.

This newsletter contains not only the weekly roundup of news, but also important information related to the emerging post-coronavirus landscape, so please look carefully, in addition to reading the abundance of communications that have been sent to you by colleagues and me. School leaders across the country have found themselves needing to apply Department of Education guidance whilst managing expectations of both parents and staff. Much has been said about this in the media and we are no different. I therefore sign off with a call for us all to keep our nerve over the next three weeks. Thank you in advance of the rollercoaster beginning to get going again!

Have a good weekend.

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