Headmaster's Blog | Friday 26 March 2021

26 March 2021


Last night a number of my colleagues and I proofread the Summer Term Planner. By the end of this meeting we all felt pretty pleased that the events we expect to hold are all in place and subject to the Prime Minister’s roadmap being followed, all will be well. This includes sports fixtures, Sports Day (Friday 25 June) and the Friends of Caldicott Summer Party (Saturday 3 July).

It is a slightly odd feeling today as this term has actually felt much like two terms – one was VC2 and one was on site. The face to face experience of the last three weeks has been really pleasing with nearly every boy achieving the goal we set. You will recall that we planned to approach things in a way that meant that VC2 was a distant memory by today and we’ve got there. Credit is owed to parents and staff who focused really hard on living a near normal experience as it has rubbed off on the boys.

At our Easter Service I spoke about Easter Sunday being a triumph of life over death. For a long time now life has, for some, not had much to offer but brighter days are coming. The gift of this lockdown has been that to ‘grab life by the horns’ no longer means extraordinary holidays, incredible restaurants or pricey experiences – it means finding the joy and magic that life can offer from wherever you can find it. The simple things have taken centre stage and I do not think the boys will forget it. Who knew that all we needed to live a full, loving family life were nightly family meals, family walks, squabbles over monopoly and so on. They are not going to forget this. Towards the end of the act of worship I asked the boys two questions to make my point…how many boys now routinely ask to go to the supermarket to get out of the house? 90% said they did. Furthermore, come 12 April when al fresco dining begins, I asked how many of them would not take that sort of experience for granted anymore? 100% thought so. Not only have Caldicott boys become more resilient and more adaptable, they will be grabbing life by the horns in ways that are really good for family life and their mental health. Better days are coming.

Last Christmas I spent a lot of time trying to have plans for every eventuality and this doesn’t seem to be on the horizon for the next few weeks. I will write to you again before term starts with staff news and plans for the Summer Term. Some of my colleagues will also be writing to ensure we are all ready for the packed weeks that lie ahead. The only item I will pick up now is to remind you that we have a summer uniform and so please scroll down to an article below which explains more.

Many of you are taking advantage of the wide range of opportunities we are laying on this Easter so I very much look forward to seeing some of you over the weeks to come.

Have a good Easter.

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