Headmaster's Blog | Friday 23 April 2021

23 April 2021


Did you know that an eco-friendly alternative to paper is paper made from elephant dung? I found this out thanks to a presentation that was shared with me by Agastya – you can find this further down in this newsletter. The reason for starting with this is to make the point that we’re living in a time when the boys need to dare to be different to one another more than ever. They need to show original thinking and above all else, be passionate about learning in whatever shape or form it takes.

We have had a good couple of days and as I wrote to you only the other day, it really is more of the same as we get to the first weekend. It is, of course, great to be back and all is well. Although we have subtle, critical differences that keep our community safe, the boys will be telling you it is normal. The block of fixtures on Saturday will be bitter/sweet as we all will be pleased to see the boys compete, but you’ll have more of a headache with transport and be frustrated that you must wait until May 17 at the least to come and watch.

There is a testing and glorious tension at Caldicott which we are delighted to navigate daily. Being the school where boys fulfil their academic potential, whilst also being the place that offers breadth of opportunity beyond belief and a culture that cherishes childhood is just so great – we love it. We’ve had the best news from Harrow this week with three of their top academic scholarships all going to Caldicott boys.

Have a great weekend.

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