Headmaster's Blog | Friday 30 April 2021

30 April 2021


Last Monday morning was the first day the PE Department used the new swimming pool facility and the boys’ excitement was clear to be seen. Long gone are the infamous knees knocking, ice-breaking April swimming lessons generations of boys have endured, loosely framed as ‘character building’. Furthermore, swimming squad has started with our two external swimming coaches and I am delighted that a good number of boys are ploughing up and down by 0700 these days!

Elsewhere, the enrichment of our curriculum returned to more familiar experiences with seminars for the 5th and 6th Form covering a range of strategies to assist in committing heavy content to memory. These opportunities strike at the heart of that dreaded problem of staring at a page of writing and literally having no clue what was on it when asked a question five minutes later. All very practical and tailored to the needs of all boys.

The last event this week prior to the bank holiday is tokenistic but, we feel, very important. Our 6th Form are a talented group of rugby players and if they had had the chance to compete this season, maybe an ‘Invictus’ season (unbeaten) would have been their reward. Whilst we are committed to breadth in our sport provision and participation we, as you know, develop top talent alongside. Our last Invictus season in the full format was 2018 and such a thing is rather special. Tonight those boys will wear the kit for the first and only time for a fixture on the 4G pitch at Maidenhead rugby club. Tragically there will be no visitors, but we are live streaming it for parents with Mr. Hutchings commentating. I’m proud to be Caldicott’s headmaster when I see my colleagues go the extra mile this way.

With House music and House drama looming, it really does all feel pretty close to normal.

Have a good weekend  - school is closed on Monday for the bank holiday.

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