Headmaster's Blog | Friday 7 May 2021

07 May 2021


We are living in strange times and this week has been no exception. From ‘bounce back’ economic growth, Royal Navy vessels patrolling in the Channel, a devastating surge of positive cases in India and the list goes on, but what are the boys thinking? Our challenge is to perform the seemingly impossible double act of filtering this landscape and giving focus to the simple joys schools can offer alongside preparedness thanks to the relevant and ‘plugged in’ Caldicott curriculum and culture. I am pleased to share that we are managing it as whilst the weather and the general esprit de corps are linked very obviously in the mood of the boys at the moment, they are also learning, performing and contributing alongside understanding the real world in an age appropriate way.

I have just had the privilege to sit in on a prefects meeting and by the end I was reassured that the DNA of our school has not been rocked. Caldicott’s core values were plain to see in their remarks and feedback so the worry we once had about a possible ‘circuit break’ of the Caldicott way thanks to lockdown is fast fading away. It is fair to say that in some boys the subtle nuances of how social interaction should be needs polishing up a bit, but we will not let the very few knock from the positive trajectory we are on.

I would also like to reiterate my thanks to you. The roadmap to reopening the country translates into your life as Caldicott parents quite awkwardly at the moment. Most notably we see this with collection from the sports fixtures you are not allowed to watch. In less than a fortnight the country will be taking the next step, we hope, and parents will be invited back on site for matches. In addition, planning continues for major events and I would like to give early indication on how things will be for a few selected events:


This is by no means the entire list of events as, for example, the fantastic Friends of Caldicott events and some other equally important school events are not here.

No earlier than 17 May: Parents may attend sports fixtures.

22 May: Open Air Open Morning for the 2022 intake will go ahead – this will not result in a change to your child’s day, but by all means pass on the good news.

28 May: Inter-house Swimming Gala will go ahead and a decision about visitors is pending.

12 June: Open Air Future Schools Event for 3rd Form parents – an email with more information will be sent out shortly.

19 June: The New Boy Activity Morning will go ahead so most day boys will not be in school until 1030 and buses will be laid on. The Fete will go ahead, but the only adults will be the Friends Committee, staff and parents of new boys. Senior inter-house cricket will follow afterwards to which parents are warmly invited.

25 June: Sports Day will go ahead ‘as normal’ i.e. all day and family picnics are encouraged.

7 July: Prize Giving will go ahead, but the only adults will probably be staff, Governors, the parents of the 5th Form and the parents of Leavers. I anticipate that we will live stream it for others.


This term is proving complicated rather complex, but we’re determined for the boys to have the experience they richly deserve.

Have a good weekend.

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