Headmaster's Blog | Friday 10 September 2021

10 September 2021


I’m not great at getting into cold water and so when a swimming pool is a little chilly, I’m quite slow. My strategy would once have been to dive in and then swim a length or two as fast as I can, but now I may well opt for taking it one step at a time if there is the luxury of a staircase down to the bottom. First the water is covering my ankles, I get comfortable and then I move to the next one and eventually I’m in. Naturally I have a sense of humour failure when my children splash me and once I’m climatised then as every father knows, my role is to throw them around as best I can. Why share this with you, you may ask? It is a metaphor for where we are as we emerge into a post-pandemic landscape. We are not standing on the side of the pool not daring to enter and nor are we diving in head first. As we transition, we are cautious and recognise it takes time to feel normal… but be in no doubt that full submergence is coming. It has been a great start and your boys should be wholly oblivious to our subtle range of measures to ensure our community stays safe.

At the first assembly since March 2020 we spoke about the DNA of our school in asking ‘why do we do what we do?’. We looked at shots of some notable old boys who were known to the 5th and 6th Form, but we also spoke about both Toby W’’s and Raqeen G’s charity work this summer. In conclusion, the plan for a successful term is straightforward: High expectation; community connection and be competitive, but kind.

I look forward to seeing you all, in person, at Caldicott when you can. For instance, the upcoming Information Meetings are critical.

Have a good weekend.

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