Academic Results 2009-2010

Scholarships & Exhibitions

H Kanabar King's Scholarship Eton College
J Kim King's Scholarship Eton College
A Clayton Oppidan Exhibition Eton College
C Gallagher Academic Scholarship Harrow School
H Lloyd Academic Scholarship Radley College
T Ren Academic Scholarship City of London School
J Kim Music Scholarship Eton College
A Williams Art Scholarship Harrow School
A Williams Outstanding Talent in Drama Harrow School
M Adcock Sports Exhibition St Edward's
T Lotter Sports Exhibition St Edward's
S Aspland-Robinson Exhibition for Excellence in Sport Wellington College
A Masih Exhibition for Excellence in Sport Wellington College
T Pearce Exhibition for Excellence in Sport Wellington College


Senior Schools

B Hung Balwearie High School
C Lavelle Charterhouse
W Blundell Eton College
A Maitala Eton College
L Pan Eton College
T Patel Eton College
E Rowell Eton College
D Zhai Haileybury
I Akhtar Harrow School
M Arzt-Jones Harrow School
J Clay Harrow School
J Figg Harrow School
D Graham Harrow School
N Kim Harrow School
J Lane Harrow School
J Owen Harrow School
B Plumb Harrow School
F Reding-Reuter Harrow School
M Shah Harrow School
I Haq The John Lyon School
M Ariyo Oundle School
E Thayan Oundle School
C Bracken Radley College
O Gillen-Toon Radley College
T Goodinge Radley College
M Lambert Radley College
W Swift Radley College
A Smith Rugby School
E Ezekiel St Edward’s School
F Tucker Uppingham
S Bal Wellington College
G Blandford-Newson Wellington College
F Eglinton Wellington College
H McCreery Wellington College
B Coates Winchester College
R Petersen Winchester College
A Novela Returning To Spain
C Ybarra Returning To Spain