Covid-19: The Caldicott Response


Learning at Caldicott

In the midst of this formidable crisis, we are following the NHS and Prime Minister’s guidance to the letter, which means that the school is now closed for the duration of the lockdown. We have no way of knowing how long this sad, but prudent situation will last.

This term, we will be a ‘virtual school’ until further notice. Through effective use of technology, we are confident that it will keep our current pupils educated, informed, engaged and enriched – albeit in a less than conventional manner.

We will continue to update this page with any further developments, as and when this unprecedented situation evolves, with our priority the safety and wellbeing of the whole of the Caldicott community.

We will email staff and parents directly with more detailed information.

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A Virtual School



Virtual Caldicott will not only apply to the academic; we think it is crucial to provide pastoral, spiritual, and co-curricular education and support to boys as well as guides to parents about how best to make the most of such a situation. Our work in this area is driven by our unwavering efforts to nurture happy, resilient boys who are thriving and confidently face a challenge (one of our stated school aims). In these uncertain times, it is through a collaborative effort between parents and teachers that we will succeed.

As we see it, there are two key benefits to fusing the classroom and the home: one joins the debate about future skills; the other sits at the heart of the wellbeing agenda.

Parents have received a Guide to Virtual Caldicott, which contains:

  • A Guide to Online Learning: how Caldicott is providing lessons and curriculum coverage.
  • Parental Support: guidance as to how to help motivate your sons and keep them engaged with their learning.
  • Pastoral Support: how we will remain in touch with the boys to offer pastoral and academic support.
  • Co-curricular Provision: a guide in terms of fitness support, virtual music lessons, competitions, reading challenges etc.
  • Academic Extension: guidance as to what boys can be doing to broaden their reading, knowledge and understanding.

We also aim to provide daily input of material, communicate regularly with boys and parents to ensure that things are going as smoothly and well as possible, and consistently update and innovate as we all learn together how best to provide education in a new paradigm.


Further Advice

The following organisations have issued advice and offer the most up to date information about the virus:


A Guide for Parents




If you have any queries, or you would like a PDF copy of the Virtual Caldicott Guide for Parents, please contact Lisa Botwright, Registrar and Head's PA on [email protected]