Exploring Macbeth

08 March 2017


The 4th Form were very excited to take part in a drama workshop exploring Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” recently when they welcomed members of “The Two Worlds of Charlie F” and the “Combat Veteran Players”. 

These two award winning theatre companies comprise of ex-service members who have been living with and overcoming; mental trauma, physical injury, additional transitional difficulty as well as actors who have been affiliated with the armed forces.

The workshop took the boys through the text of “Macbeth” where they learnt about the plot and how different parts could be portrayed by actors. The boys then performed extracts from Act 3 Scene 4, where Banquo’s ghost appears before Macbeth at his banquet, to the group.

The boys enjoyed taking part in the workshop and learning more about the play from the actors and they gave fantastic performances at the end, coping very well with the Shakespearean text.