3rd Form visit Hazard Alley

25 June 2017


Last week the 3rd Form spent the day at the Safety Centre and Hazard Alley in Milton Keynes to learn about how to stay safe on the Internet, at home and when out and about.

During the morning, the boys took part in workshops about e-safety and cyber bullying.  For one of the workshops the boys had to write their own rap song about e-safety – this really demonstrated how much the boys know about the online world and what they need to do to be safe whilst using the Internet.  Key points about gaming and sharing information over social media were highlighted; many boys were surprised by how easy it is for internet users to find information on people's social media profiles. Recommendations were that all users of social media should ensure privacy settings are set to friends only or private.

In the afternoon, the boys visited Hazard Alley, an area where you can find a variety of hazards and potential dangers such as house fires or drowning.  The boys learnt a great deal about how to deal with these different scenarios and were able to take this information away with them for the future.