Ace Africa's Future Stars League

06 September 2017


In 2015, Caldicott held a charity football tournament to raise funds for “Ace Africa's Future Star's League”. During the summer break, Ma'am Duncan was fortunate enough to be able to spend a day with Ace Africa in Tanzania to see first-hand how the support from the school and other initiatives has helped the community.

She spent the morning out in the field visiting families who were living with HIV and facing some very tough living conditions. Although incredibly moving to see the hardship that the community are facing, Ace Africa's team have brought hope and comfort whilst looking for ways to offer sustainable support.

During the afternoon Ma’am Duncan watched two football matches at Matimtaya School in Arusha. She was lucky to watch both a girls and boys match with all players working incredibly hard on the pitch and the competitive spirit being electric.  Matches were well attended by excited pupils from the school; this did lead to an impromptu pitch invasion when a goal was scored to congratulate the scorer!

The Future Stars League has made a huge difference with schools seeing attendance rise on match days, as well as young people taking part who would never have had the opportunity to do so previously. Ma’am Duncan was told a story of a young Massai girl whose father had come to see her in a match recently.  This broke with normal custom and thought not to have been possible before the league was established.

We look forward to continuing our link with “Ace Africa” and Ma'am Duncan will be exploring new projects that we can support this year.

Take a look at the “Ace Africa” website for more information about the league and the projects they have helped.


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