Walking Hadrian's Wall for the Dusky Yak Foundation

04 October 2017


Over Exeat weekend Louis M (3rd Form), Leo F (3rd Form), Torin T (3rd form), Callum T (2nd Form), Arthur H (3rd Form), Dario H (3rd Form) and Dylan G (3rd Form) hiked across Hadrian's Wall to raise money for the Dusky Yak Foundation.  They hiked just under 20 miles up and down rugged hills, with a twisted ankle, some bruises and lots of mud but absolutely no complaints. 

The Dusty Yak Foundation aims to relieve the poverty, advance the education and protect and preserve the health of orphans, neglected, impoverished and/or sick children in need in Nepal and elsewhere in the world.  They help with basic necessities such as care and accommodation, educational tuition and financial support.  The group had listened to a presentation from the charity recently and this made them realise how every single pound raised could go directly to help each child at the orphanage.  The boys also had a chance to take part in a Skype chat with some of the girls in their care.  This was very moving as they chatted about their lives.  The boys were thrilled to discover that the girls loved playing football in their spare time - the girls’ dream would be to meet the boys in the future and have a game.

They have raised £7000 for The Dusty Yak and feel that the money would be best allocated to supporting the girls’ education programme in Nepal. It costs £24 a month and for all 11 girls is £3168 per year for them to go to school, buy books and uniform, and pay for a full-time tutor to supplement the teaching as most of the children were not educated before coming to the orphanage.  The money they have raised will pay for over two years worth of education and supplies which is fantastic news.

In addition to this, the girls' educational tutor also runs numeracy and literacy programmes for impoverished women in the community. The reach beyond the 11 girls will be to at least a further 200 people.

The Dusty Yak will send quarterly updates to the boys (progress reports, exam results etc) as well as letters. We look forward to hearing from the boys on how the girls progress with their education.

Well done boys!

Jo Duncan