Fergus Beeley on Wildlife Film Making

25 January 2018


Caldicott was delighted to welcome wildlife filmmaker, Fergus Beeley, to school on Wednesday evening to speak to the boarders during their general studies session.

Fergus Beeley is a conservationist and wildlife filmmaker, best known for producing films for BBC Natural World, Planet Earth and The Life of Birds with David Attenborough.

Beeley talked to the boys about his early career as a filmmaker, how he sketches initial ideas for the film so camera operators know what shots to get, and the great lengths he and his team go to to capture and produce amazing films. 

He then answered many questions from the boys such as where was his favourite place to film, his favourite animal and the most challenging environment he has been in.

This was a fantastic talk for the boys to see how the wild life TV programmes they have watched come to life.  Mr Timms at the end of the session urged the boys to find their own passion and pursue it.


Wildlife filmmaker Fergus Beeley speaks to Caldicott boys