Adventures for the 2nd Form

23 April 2018


On Monday 19 March, the very excited 2nd Form boys set off in very snowy conditions for their trip to the PGL activity centre at Marchants Hill near Hindhead. Despite it being cold with lots of snow, the boys had a fantastic time bonding and making the most of it.

Archery, abseiling, using the zip wire, buggy building and survival skills were just some of the amazing opportunities on offer.  The highlight for many of the boys was playing Ambush, a form of “IT” in the dark with torches, complete with camouflage painted faces!

The trip was a success and fantastic to see the boys encouraging each other, working as a team and pushing their own personal boundaries; the main reasons why the PGL trip is offered to the 2nd Form.

Below are some of the boys comments about the trip:

  • “I really enjoyed the zip wire because we went really fast” – Harry MC
  • “My favourite bit of PGL was buggy build as it was really fun pulling it along” – Sebastian S
  • “I loved playing Ambush because it was in the dark” – Walter G
  • “It was so much fun as we had no bedtime” – Toby W
  • “It was great fun in the dorms” – James F
  • “My best three days of my life and an exhilarating adventure for me” – Daniel BP

Vicki Riddell

Caldicott at PGL