Charity Camp on the Lawn in aid of ShelterBox

19 June 2018


Caldicott held its first ever Camp on the Lawn charity event in aid of ShelterBox on Saturday, and despite the grey clouds looming over head, it was an absolutely fantastic evening (and morning!). All the families and staff members who attended, although there may have been a few Sunday naps the following day, had a great time.

After pitching their tents boys, parents and staff enjoyed a BBQ and a game of Mr Bennett's Robot Rescue, where robots were used to deliver ‘Shelterboxes’ to countries across the world. Mr Evans then joined the campers to read a passage from Around the World in 80 Days, which left everyone wanting to know what would happen to Mr Fogg on his famous adventure to travel the world in record time.

Once the sun had set, the younger ones curled up in front of a screening of Harry Potter and the older children played a game of cricket on top field with their parents, the lack of light making it all the more exciting. Stories were told into the small hours as the adults all gathered around for a social whilst their children slept soundly in their tents.

A morning of bacon butties, hot chocolate and tent packing had everyone leave in great spirits and delighted to know that they had raised over £1000 for charity. 

We very much hope to make this an even bigger and better event next time and would welcome your support. 


Charity Camp on the Lawn for ShelterBox