Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 16 June 2018

16 June 2018


In the course of this week, the Senior Management Team has pondered an important question: 'Why do we do what we do?'. The importance of the question is because of our use of the word 'why', rather than questions 'What do we do?' or 'How do we do it?'. I have spoken to many of you in recent weeks about this subject and I thought I would make it the theme in this week’s missive. The word 'what' would lead us to discuss the obvious things that happen in every school. The word ‘how’ would lead us to discuss the unique and special way Caldicott delivers education. The question we pondered goes much, much deeper as it got us talking about our purpose, our cause and our beliefs, or put another way: ‘What really makes us get up in the morning?’.

The honest truth is that for those who have chosen a career in education, it’s certainly not the salary especially when compared to many other professions; it is because we want to enhance the quality of boys’ lives. Many in education would concur, so our response to the question also needed to be unique to Caldicott and appealing to parents. These are exciting times and whilst all schools need goals, I’m convinced that being better connected to the values we hold dear will draw the whole Caldicott community together to ensure each boy is known and nurtured as an individual, with a twinkle in their eye and ready for the exciting journey that lies ahead imminently and long after their prep school days.

Yesterday was a great day and I offer my huge congratulations to all our Common Entrance (CE) candidates. Thanks to great teaching in the years leading to those exams last week, our boys have achieved 100% success to their chosen schools and their parents are delighted. In addition, three boys achieved prizes based on their CE performance – one for Greek, one for his grades and one for a top 10 average. More details another time as one of those boys doesn’t know as he is away as I prepare this passage. Following a record number of scholarships, our academic profile is certainly expanding and we are pleased.
It is the 50th School Fete today and I can’t wait to get going! It is a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. 
Furthermore, we have Caldicott’s ‘Camp on the Lawn’ tonight in aid of Shelterbox which promises to be fun! Very many thanks to all the staff who have worked tirelessly, particularly Ma’am Duncan.
A restful day tomorrow is needed as we have some very tired boys.

Jeremy Banks