Roald Dahl Spectacular

29 June 2018


The 4th and 5th Form put on two hugely entertaining performances of Roald Dahl Spectacular this week.  The production was written by Head of Drama, Jo Duncan, from her research about Roald Dahl’s life and books.

Narrated by Ferdinand G, playing Dahl himself, the play started from the beginning of Roald Dahl’s life.  The audience then went on a journey through his childhood at boarding school and onto his time in the RAF as an adult. The story of his life was combined with extracts from his famous books, which included The Twits, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach.

Transitions between storytelling, group performances and musical numbers were brilliant and the show certainly ended with a bang – or a big spark!

Commenting about the production process and performance, Jo Duncan said, “There was a lot I didn’t yet know about Roald Dahl himself. Most of my knowledge about his childhood and early adulthood came from reading his autobiographical books Boy and Going Solo. By immersing myself in these books, I experienced the rather remarkable events of his life, and began, to some extent; understand where he drew inspiration for his incredible, imaginative ideas. His stories certainly brought me great delight as a child and it has been truly wonderful to explore them in this way with the boys. I am very proud of the boys’ commitment and creativity in rehearsals and the performances to parents; the process was fun for everyone involved.”

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