Headmaster's Blog | Friday 7 September 2018

17 September 2018


The sense of anticipation in the days leading up to a new academic year is palpable in households and schools anywhere in the world. Every child’s emotions will be slightly different to the next child, and all of us who have made a career in teaching are similar. What is most important is that every child has a voice, they learn how to use it and we are tuned in to listen. Caldicott’s tutors have proved themselves to be such caring, considerate people who listen carefully to each of their tutees. That was obvious to see in the array of amazing activities offered during yesterday's ice-breaker/bonding session the whole school embarked upon. If you follow our Twitter feed, you were treated to a wide range of great photos – baking a cake was a popular ice-breaker, which led me to receive gratefully (and be seen to eat) many, many slices! Tough job!
My beginning of term communication covered a number of initiatives we are introducing, and it is possible that your boys are already beginning to feel the benefit. If your son shares a thought or opinion on these or other initiatives, please come forward as we welcome the feedback, both good and bad, as an area for improvement.
As described, we are truly committed to knowing your son as an individual and the tutor will likely be the first port of call for you. On our side, we’re committed to telling you about how he’s doing as frequently as is fair and reasonable as staff who have 
full time teaching timetables. This makes for a very busy day and it’s important you know that we’re keeping a close eye on staff welfare. I’ve encouraged them not to read emails late into the evening or on Sunday (for those not at work at that time).
Over the summer holiday, so many of you took advantage of the array of Caldicott-based activities. The boys I saw during the activity week, the drama course, and the rugby pre-season course, all seemed to have had a great time. It provided an excellent opportunity for new boys to feel integrated and my enormous thanks go to the staff who ran those activities. I suspect that for the boys who went to Biarritz on the rugby tour may well have already had a ‘top 5’ experience for 2018/2019! My particular thanks go to Mr Hutchings, Mr Williams and Mr Chapman for taking them.
I hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow afternoon, and I wish you a restful weekend.