Headmaster's Blog | Friday 14 September 2018

17 September 2018


The first full week is nearly over and a settled feel to proceedings is evident, I am delighted to report. Of the six academic years represented at Caldicott, three groups stand out as I reflect and write this missive. The 1st Form seems to have hit their stride and, knowing that Ma’am Rule had been so thorough in her preparation before their arrival (she spoke to each boy’s pre-prep head), it should come as no surprise. Their cheerful manner and eagerness to learn has been encouraging. The second group, of course, are the other new boys throughout the school. Starting a new school is, without doubt, a challenging experience and ‘old’ boys have been working hard to help foster those important feelings among the new arrivals that come with ‘belonging’, ‘family’ and ‘community’. The final group is the 5th Form, most of whom have just started their boarding journey. It is a wrench for anyone to get back into the routines of school or work after a break, but thanks to the calming presence of the Heads of Boarding, Assistant Houseparents, Matrons, Nurses and boarding staff the reports are very encouraging. A few tears in the transition phase is inevitable, but each and every one of us is there to ease the way as best we can.

I was delighted to be able to host the Cooper 6th Form House supper. It was a formal evening and the food was unanimously considered to be delicious! We toasted Her Majesty, the School and the house. There was also a speech from me and an articulate reply from Freddie Higgins and Filip Edstrom. Towards the end, we played a game of Articulate around the table and finally ‘Heads & Tails’ which led to a win for Finn Napier. I very much look forward to the next three supper evenings.

I would like to thank the Friends of Caldicott committee and their Chairman, Wendy Duckworth, for hosting the New Parents’ Supper. This was a wonderful evening and an excellent opportunity to get to know everybody. I have to say that the esprit de corps fostered by the Committee was tangible and I am very grateful.

Standing out as the most exciting event for next week is Diva Opera Gala Performance of Die Fledermaus. Please do make every effort to come along to this production; with forty Caldicott boys in the chorus, it promises to be very memorable. Tickets are still available using the following online form - https://goo.gl/RDgYde.

I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend.

Jeremy Banks