Lessons in Victorian Britain

29 October 2018


The annual 3rd Form trip to Ironbridge took place before half-term. In previous years this has been a tremendous trip as it helps to provide stimulus and build on the boys’ knowledge of ‘The Victorians’.

The two-day residential started with the boys visiting Blists Hill, a fully-working Victorian town which has been recreated to give an authentic experience. The boys had the chance to visit buildings, shops and speak to ‘real’ Victorians about Victorian products and produce which was available at the time.  The sweetshop proved most popular but the boys also found the candle makers and the bakers a particularly eye-opening experience.

Following this, the boys then had the chance to experience life in a Victorian school. Unlike Caldicott, the boys sat in rows; it was the norm for ‘children to be seen and not heard’. The boys had to stand up to answer a question and all boys had to write with their right hands. Rather than use a book and a pencil, boys wrote on slate using a slate pencil. They also had to make sure they were keeping their elbows off the table. During Victorian times, the teachers were known to ‘be firm but fair’; they did not feign from showing the boys the cane. Thankfully, all of the boys wonderfully behaved so there was no need for it to be used during their visit.

The boys learnt a great deal over the 24 hours and the trip was a wonderful opportunity for them to experience life in Victorian Britain.


3rd Form visit Ironbridge