Inspirational Figures

02 November 2018


The Caldicott Court Yard has been decorated with images of inspirational figures this week. As part of their PSHEE lessons, the boys have been studying different people who have had an impact on people’s lives.

  • The 1st Form learnt about Rosa Parks. They drew upon her incredible strength and her instigation of a civil rights movement to create a report about her.
  • The 2nd Form studied Frida Kahlo, where they were massively inspired by her strength and determination in the face of so many obstacles. The boys also created their own Frida portraits with Ma'am Williams, which are also on display along the Junior Corridor. Alongside this, the boys made newspaper reports and unearthed some of her secret diaries.
  • The 3rd Form delved into the life of Paul McCartney. The boys loved learning about how he inspired so much change through music, positivity and style. They listened to his music and also learnt about his many animal rights campaigns.
  • The 4th Form looked at Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer. They found out that she fought social norms to achieve great heights.

We do hope everyone enjoys the displays and learns something new about these amazing people. The boys certainly enjoyed taking part in this project and have put a lot of hard work into their displays.


Inspirational Figures by Caldicott