Awful Egyptians

12 November 2018


On Wednesday 7 November, the 2nd Form were very excited to visit the Wycombe Swan Theatre to see a production of The Awful Egyptians by the Horrible Histories company.

The boys were mesmerised from the moment the curtain was raised as they were magically taken back in time from a modern day school trip to the land of the Nile and the all-powerful pharaohs.

Interesting facts were interspersed with hilarious jokes and witty one-liners. There was something for everyone, even an appearance by a pharaoh who made more than one humorous passing reference to Donald Trump to the great amusement of the adults in the audience.

The second half of the performance was even more memorable as the boys were told to put on our 3D glasses! They were then taken through hidden passages in the pyramids, saw flying scarab beetles, and mummified bodies came scarily to life as they ‘zoomed’ towards them.

The time flew past travelling through Ancient Egypt learning about the vital role of the River Nile, the stunning discovery of the treasures of Tutankhamun and how, in the end, the Egyptians were conquered.

The talented cast of three thoroughly deserved their massive round of applause as they had definitely delivered a most entertaining but hugely educational and memorable performance, which both staff and boys enjoyed enormously.


Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians