Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 30 November 2019

30 November 2019


At this stage of the term, it is hard not to repeat the essence of the missive last weekend - Caldicott is still racing along - and the boys need to pause for a moment when they get home this weekend.

Two events stood out this week in the form of the Autumn Concert and the Rugby Dinner. Whilst quite different in their nature, the commonality between them was in seeing the boys take centre stage.

In the former we were delighted to listen to boys of varying abilities perform; some were not much past Grade 1. I would imagine, and in the form of Beau G's (Year 8) performance on our Steinway grand piano, we were treated to arguably the best performance by a child I have ever heard. A truly memorable evening. One parent’s anecdote stood out as they explained to me that when their son was seven he played the piano beautifully but gave up. Now as he is a weekly boarder, he has taken it up again and enjoying the fruits of his labour. Participation in music develops not only cultural depth in the boys but is an approach to safeguard their wellbeing and all the boys should be looking to play an instrument.

The second event was the 68th Annual Rugby Dinner for senior school coaches, our prep school compatriots, Caldicott’s coaches and the boys of the U13A team with a parent. Our Sport for All philosophy is critical to our future success and yet there are moments when we recognise those few boys whose hard work and talent has led to them playing in the U13A team. Our honoured guest was Mr Kyran Bracken MBE who spoke knowledgeably to the boys about his career, as well as bringing in memorabilia from his time as an England Rugby player. In particular, I congratulate Albert S for the Captain’s Speech. He delivered it perfectly despite me pinching some of his subject matter accidentally.

Looking ahead, please take note of the email relating to our Carol Service on Saturday 7 December, and the summary reminder contained in the newsletter. We wouldn't want you to miss out on important information.

Two little prompts too, if you don’t mind? Thank you to those parents whose sons use the Caldicott Bus Service to and from school for acting on the polite reminder regarding departure times. But, as we know, we’re not quite there and one or two of you may need to set your alarm clock five minutes earlier while the speed restrictions are in place on the M4. In addition, a word on sugar. We cover healthy eating and sensible food choices in PSHEE, but we have noticed that at recent tournaments for 4th, 5th, and 6th Form boys, the acceptable occasional sugary snack has transformed into many sugary snacks and sweets being consumed. So, please may I ask you to moderate those treats.

Lots to look forward to coming up and I hope to see you at next week’s Friends of Caldicott Christmas Party at the In and Out Club in London. There are tickets still available.

Have a good weekend.

Jeremy Banks