2nd Form School Trip | Verulamium

21 May 2021


As soon as the coaches pulled in to Caldicott, the excitement of the boys was enormous, because they were going on the first school trip in over a year! On Thursday, our 2nd Form were the lucky group that got the opportunity to go to Verulamium in St. Albans. Verulamium was a town in Roman Britain and large parts of it still remain unexcavated; it is also home to the Verulamium Museum, and Verulamium Park, both venues our boys visited on this trip.

The trip began in the Verulamium Museum, with an exciting activity led by one of the curators. A ‘market’ was set up and the boys were given cryptic ‘shopping lists’; they had to work out based on the clues what items were on their lists and then buy them in the Roman market. More activities followed this and the boys had an enriching time learning about how the Romans buried their dead, about their Gods and the beautiful mosaics they created (the boys even got to design their own!). Many may not know that underfloor heating (also known as a hypocaust) was a Roman invention! The boys got to see first-hand how it worked and see where the fires were lit underground.

After the activities in the museum and seeing the remaining Roman wall that marked the boundary of Verulamium, the day was drawing to a close and the Caldicott party took to Verulamium Park where they walked around the lake and enjoyed a picnic. With the first trip of this academic year completed, we hope many more exciting opportunities will follow soon!