Parents Are Back Watching Fixtures!

19 May 2021


On Tuesday, our Lower School played in their first ever cricket fixtures for the school! Dressed in their best cricket whites, our boys welcomed Wetherby Prep to Caldicott. Matches took place across the grounds, from Front Pitch all the way down to Spens. This significant occasion was made all the more special by the fact that we were able to invite our parents to watch the games again. The commitment of our parents is admirable; the rain was pouring, the winds were racing, but nonetheless they stayed and watched, umbrellas in hand, as their sons enjoyed the friendly competition. Unfortunately, like many schools, we are not currently welcoming other schools' parents to Caldicott for fixtures, however we hope that will change as soon as possible.  Despite the weather, our boys enjoyed the cricket, as well as doing what they do best - running around and letting off some steam!