Meet Tod, Mr Cooper's Dog

11 June 2021


We’ve already introduced Bertie, Mr Banks’s dog, who is a friend to the pupils in the school and can often be spotted around the grounds and the nearby Burnham Beeches. Now meet Tod, Mr Cooper’s 12-year-old Labrador, a key member of the Caldicott community, and someone many of the boys are familiar with. Tod used to live in the boarding house, meaning the boarders became very comfortable with Tod and his gentle nature. Something unique to Tod is that he is possibly the only Labrador in the world who is fussy when it comes to food! Another thing that makes him stand out from his peers, is that he has had a star role in a Caldicott play. Above, you can see his standout performance in ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’; Mr Cooper was proud of Tod’s display and joked that the rest of the cast couldn’t match his impressive talent.