Film School to Drone Coding | 6th Form Leavers’ Week 1 Round Up

18 June 2021


After weeks of intense revision and exams, the most senior boys in the school have an action packed next few weeks ahead, thanks to Mr Di Maso, and other staff, which will give them a great chance to make some more lasting memories with their friends during their final term at Caldicott.

This week began with clay pigeon shooting on Monday; the boys travelled to Barbury Shooting School on the Marlborough Downs where they relished the opportunity to try something you don’t do every day. It was clear from the accuracy of some of the boys that they were envisioning the Clays as their exam papers…

Tuesday’s activity was led by Mr Querstret who orchestrated the grand opening of the Caldicott Casino. Unsurprisingly, with Mr Q leading the event, it had a strong maths theme; the boys first learnt about different probabilities in context. Becoming a saint, getting struck by lightning and Kim Kardashian becoming President are all more probable than you winning the lottery! After the boys learnt this, and more about the rules of the Caldicott Casino, they were given their 500 Caldis (with the favourable exchange rate of 1,000,000 Caldis to one tenth of a penny), and the games commenced. The boys had a lot of fun, as did the croupiers who had to do a lot of learning on the job! After the casino shut for the day, Mr Q took the boys through a ‘reality check’ exercise and got them talking about the highs and lows they felt during their time playing, and how the cheers in the room when someone’s number came up in roulette was always louder than the groans of people losing. This gives the impression that people are winning more than losing, when actually Jack’s profit (who won the most in roulette) was 1,675 compared to the Casinos profit of 4,350! Setting limits and having the right mindset are a couple of effective ways of ensuring if you ever do choose to gamble, you will do it in a healthy and appropriate way.

Drone coding was the exciting activity on offer for Wednesday, courtesy of Hyett Education. Thank you to Antony who came and taught our boys some Swift coding language (which is also used to develop apps); they then provided algorithmic instructions to their drones to make them take-off, land and do flips. The boys split into teams and after a couple of hours experimenting, each team attempted a synchronised performance. There were some impressive displays, and Antony said that the boys were the strongest group he’d had in years!

The final event of the week was the One Day Film School which took place over Friday morning. Thank you to the Young Film Academy who came in and provided an amazing experience for our boys; they absolutely loved it. With a £0 budget, and a couple of hours the teams of 6th Formers had to film and edit a two-minute, silent movie ahead of the awards ceremony! A highlight for the boys was learning some fight choreography which they put into practice in their films (with a strict limit of one punch per movie). The films were brilliant to watch and of a wide variety, but all were of a great quality. Congratulations to the team that filmed and edited, ‘XXXXX‘, they took home the Oscar for their incredible production.