The Charities Supported by the Second-Hand Uniform Shop

22 June 2021


Alanah and Michelle are the lovely parents who volunteer and run our second-hand uniform shop at Caldicott. They do a brilliant job, and are working with the sole purpose of supporting the school and the charities that the money raised by the shop goes to. This year they have amassed an impressive £2,400 – thank you to all the parents that have contributed to this sum!

We have been supporting the Dusty Yak Foundation in various ways this year, and now we are also contributing to the efforts of another charity, Action Village India. Both of these charities are champions of providing education for disadvantaged girls and so we are very proud to aid their remarkable efforts. We have been working with the Dusty Yak Foundation for some time (with it being run by two of our parents, Lou and Matt Hurley), and throughout the rest of the year our boys will be giving informal English reading and writing lessons to the girls there (via video calls of course).

Action Village India, are another great charity with which we have a personal connection; our very own Ma’am Naidoo is a trustee of theirs. They also do brilliant work for underprivileged girls and we were fortunate enough to have Esther give a poignant talk to our boys about their cause. She explained why their work is necessary, put into perspective the issues young girls face in certain parts of India and also clarified exactly how the money the boys helped contribute to is going to help. It costs only £50 to send a girl in India to school for a year! Everyone listened attentively and gained a powerful, humbling perspective from the experience. Action Village India are also doing a walk around Virginia Waters soon to raise further funds, and to take a chance to reflect. To find out more, visit their website or contact them directly.

Alongside the second-hand uniform shop, an incredible £3,050 was raised during our Summer Fete. The takes the total to £5,450 which is split evenly between both charities to support them in continuing their incredible and necessary projects for disadvantaged girls.