PSHEE Staff News

24 June 2021


We are delighted to announce further news regarding appointments coming in September, this time regarding our PSHEE department.

From the start of next term, Mr Harper will take up the post of Head of PSHEE in addition to continuing as Head of 3rd Form and a Geography Teacher. This subject plays a key role in preparing boys to be the best, global citizens they can be. On his new appointment in the school, Mr Harper had this to say, ‘I am greatly looking forward to becoming Head of PSHEE in September. I frequently remind the boys that learning cannot simply be bound to the classroom. For me, PSHEE is the thread that intertwines the world in which we live and it is imperative that we as a school invest time and energy so that the Caldicott community can learn and interact with each other in a positive way.’

In addition, Mr Legge will lead our weekly wellbeing survey initiative in his role as DDSL. The boys conduct a wellbeing survey in their Tutor meeting once a week, and as Mr Legge says, ‘this is a vital component in our pastoral and safeguarding strategy because it provides us with a confidential early warning system that alerts us to potential problems a boy may be experiencing. This enables us to react proactively to avert a potential issue before it escalates. The survey is a vital input to the data we use to analyse and track individual, grade, house and whole school trends over time, which in turn helps us to plan and execute relevant pastoral communications and interventions.”

Finally, Mr Chamberlain will lead the Caldicott School Listeners, having been part of this initiative since its introduction. Our partnership with the charity Bucks Mind is forward thinking and it holds great value for the boys who have trained and the boys who reach out to them. Mr Chamberlain explains why the Listeners programme continues to be so important, ‘it launched in October 2019 with 11 listeners who were trained by Bucks Mind. In the training the boys learnt about listening skills as well as what is meant by mental health, safeguarding, and the differences and similarities between empathy and sympathy, asking open questions and supporting your own mental health. This year, we have 15 listeners who have produced videos during lockdown to support the wellbeing of us all. Having returned to school there are now three listeners available every morning break time as well as by request through the boy’s tutor.’