Zorbing and House Entertainment | 6th Form Leavers’ Week 2 Round Up

25 June 2021


This week kicked off on an inspirational note, with Charlie Walker coming in to talk to the boys. An adventurer, speaker and writer, Charlie roused the leavers (and staff) with incredible stories of his 43,000-mile bicycle tour, spanning over four years. Travelling from the furthest point in Europe, Asia and Africa, Charlie had tales ranging from sneaking through a Chinese outpost in Tibet, to the overwhelming kindness he experienced from people in Iran. Charlie gained an incredible perspective from his journey, one that he relayed to our boys very well.

6th Form House Entertainment followed on Tuesday, which replaced the normal event of the House Shout. It was something a little different and provided the boys another great opportunity to have some fun via their performances. From Oasis songs to choreographed comedy sketches, this will hopefully be an event we can continue in years to come.

The main event on Wednesday was ‘zorbing’ (something hard to explain but hopefully all will become clear in the photos below). The boys got a lot of energy out charging into each other as they completed a relay and (attempted to) play a game of football! Thank you to Hamster Zorb for making this event possible, and ensuring our boys had a fantastic day.

Some insightful presentations took place on Thursday, with the scholars giving presentations to the rest of their 6th Form peers. This was followed by Ben Shaw (a Harrow Housemaster) coming in to give his 11 ‘do’s and don’ts’ in your first year at Senior School. You can read more about this in an article further down in this newsletter. The final talk of the day came from Peter Hall who spoke to our leavers about the dangers of drugs; each year our boys find his talk fascinating and eye-opening.

Finally, on Friday the day was taken up by Sports Day, where all the boys took part and competed nobly for their respective Houses. There are photos and results to come, which you will find in next week’s newsletter.

Once again, the boys have Mr Di Maso to thank for this action-packed week. With the Wales trip next week, followed by the Final Assembly, Thorpe Park and Speech Day on the final week of the school year, our 6th Formers' Caldicott journey is rapidly reaching its conclusion...