Our Very Own Blue Peter 'Climate Heroes'!

30 June 2021


Thanks to an enterprising initiative, led by 4th Former (Y6), Anand (pictured below), the school has been swept away by the Blue Peter 'climate heroes challenge'. Over half the boys in school pledged to cut their carbon footprint over the course of two weeks; many pledged to cut back on meat intake, some opted to focus on reducing the use of electricity and others became 'water monitors'. Each boy created their own piece of ‘environmental artwork’, which was sent to Blue Peter.

We are delighted to say that all boys who took part have been awarded their green badges this week; you can see them proudly exhibiting them in the photos below! We hope these environmentally friendly habits will stick with the boys that took part and contribute to them becoming good future citizens. We are very proud of Anand for passionately bringing this challenge to the school's attention and for his continued involvement.

Our Climate Heroes:

  • All Year 3s (pictured below)
  • All Year 4s (pictured below)
  • All Year 5s (pictured below)
  • Year 6s: AA, AF, AN (pictured), EB, ET, JY, MCS, CZ)
  • Year 7s: RB, HB, MBS
  • Year 8: FB
  • Teachers: Ma’am Corrigan, Mr Chamberlain, Ma’am Beattie-Zarb, Ma’am Williams