2nd Form Adventure Camp

02 July 2021


Our 2nd Formers have had a very exciting end to their week. From Thursday to Friday, Take2Adventure and The Outdoor Education Company have delighted the boys will all kinds of activities, and even helped us set up a camp over Thursday night. 

The boys learnt a game new to most of them on Thursday – Aeroball! Areoball is a game in which two boys face off on mini trampolines and aim to get the ball in their opponent’s goal. They split into teams and play as a relay-style game – the game quickly became a favourite of the boys’ and the whole way through they were quite literally jumping with excitement. 

Skateboarding, fencing, and a construction challenge were all also on offer. The highlight for the boys though came in the evening, when they all took down to Spens with their camping gear and set up for the night ahead. They erected their tents, created a team name and even a logo before sitting around the campfire together in the evening with marshmallows and hot chocolate. They may not have gotten the best night sleep (the gappies and Mr Hutchings definitely didn’t!), but they had an amazing experience alongside their friends.

After having breakfast and packing up their camping gear, the boys spent Friday morning alternating between laser tag and climbing. They had great fun all-round and definitely made some lasting memories. Credit to Ma’am Riddell and Mr Chamberlain for making this experience possible for their boys, in the face of PGL cancellations. While it is not typical for our 2nd Form to camp on site, after the great success of this Adventure Camp, it is very unlikely to be the last.