4th Form Trial Boarding Week

02 July 2021


Throughout this week, our 4th Formers have been taking part in lots of fun activities while they experience what boarding at Caldicott offers. A goal of ours at Caldicott is to ensure the transition into boarding at Caldicott is as smooth as it can be, and this week’s trial boarding is a part of that.

Each day had a different theme; Monday’s was ‘wellbeing’ and the boys had numerous sessions under this premise. We were fortunate to welcome Alistair Dodd who was previously a Headmaster for many years, he gave a great interactive talk about resilience, encompassing what is meant by it and what you can do to be strong in the face of adversity. There were also nutrition and first aid workshops run by our brilliant nurses, including CPR training and information on nutrition.

Other days included themes of ‘community’, ‘working together’, ‘challenge’ and ‘moving on’; all important traits and skills in being a Caldicott boy and boarder. During the ‘working together’ challenges on Tuesday, the boys got to experience a baking challenge with Mr Brown, as well as ‘cross the island’ and obstacle courses. The ‘Tallest Tower’ challenge was also on Tuesday; the boys had to collaborate in order to build three towers using three different materials (marshmallows and spaghetti, sugar cubes and paper). The height of these three towers was then added together and pitted against the other teams, so the boys also had to use their initiative to decide what was worth spending the most time on. 

Boarding activities are also a key part of a boarder’s life at Caldicott, and the 4th Formers got their fair share this week. Football, basketball, swimming, croquet, poker, chess, badminton and cookery were some of those on offer for the boys. A particular highlight for the boys came on Thursday when they got to enjoy street dancing and drumming!