Headmaster's Blog | Friday 2 July 2021

02 July 2021


Earlier this week I wrote to you all with more clarity about the end of term and if you missed that communication, please take a moment to dig it out from your inbox. It has also not passed me by that in addition to this, with the range of other exciting events coming thick and fast, you have been swamped. We make every effort to streamline our communications, but with the shifting landscape of what is possible, this has been hard. 

I would like to direct an important point to the parents whose sons are not leaving. Most of you we have known for a long time and I have appreciated how you have graciously accepted how we have prioritised giving the boys the experience you want for them and also the parents of leavers. It is bitterly disappointing that the impact of the pandemic has stretched to include disruption to so many of the events, when we were all supposed to come together again and I would like to express my sincerest thanks to you all. But that is not all as within this group are also families who we have not known for a long time and your entire time as Caldicott parents has been far, far from the experience we wanted. I would therefore like to make it abundantly clear that we know how hard it has been for you in particular and you will not be forgotten with events we host next year. You will not pass through your time at Caldicott reflecting that nothing was done to make up for 2020/2021.

Some last minute staff news to share is very exciting for the colleague it involves. Since my arrival we have set about creating the conditions for teachers to have a pathway to senior leadership if they choose. We take pride in the fact that the Caldicott staffroom is a place where future leaders can be found and we recruit staff with the ambition to be on this pathway. I am delighted to share that James Baker will leave Caldicott in December 2021 to take up the Deputy Headship of The Oratory School, Reading. This is an opportunity that he was very excited about and I am glad his efforts have come to fruition. The recruitment process for his successor has begun and I will report back in due course.

At Prize Giving, either in person or via the live link, I will address you all and I look forward to celebrating this very strange year.