Leavers’ Service & Speech Day

08 July 2021


It was not the end of term that anyone expected, but we are eternally grateful that we could still have many of our 6th Former Leavers and their parents with us on such a monumental day. 

The Leavers’ Service took place first, with the 6th Formers lining up in the Centenary Hall to watch the fabled end of year videos produced by Mr Brown. The Leavers’ video never fails to bring a tear to the eye, and the School Medley is such an incredible tribute to the last year at Caldicott. 

Click here to watch the 6th Form Leavers’ Video…

Click here to watch the School Year 2020-21 Medley… 


Speech Day followed the Leavers’ Service, and with the Headmaster self-isolating, his speech was given as a recording, but still didn’t fail to have the same profound effect on the boys. Mr Banks spoke of the Olympians and what makes them great; not purely their innate ability, but their capacity to put in the hard graft, their focus, and their determination. He went on to explain that these athletes can also only achieve greatness with a brilliant team behind them – these are messages that our boys would do well to take with them to their Senior Schools and later lives. Mr Banks also announced that the impressive charity efforts spearheaded by Ma'am Duncan and the charity committee, raised a total of £20,822.90. This impressive sum went towards the charities we've supported this year, including: the Ruth Strauss Foundation, Acting for Others, Slough Foodbank, Slough Homeless, The Dusty Yak Foundation and Action Village India.

Zain P, our Head Boy also gave a rousing speech. He spoke to his fellow Leavers about geese. He acknowledged this may seem an odd analogy, but went on to describe the noble characteristics of geese, which his peers should try and emulate. They fly quicker together in formation, they have a common direction, and they are unwaveringly determined. Zain also went on to thank all the staff at Caldicott, that have made the boys time so treasured, not least of all Mr Banks – he noted that these Leavers are fortunate enough to be the first year at Caldicott to have had Mr Banks as their Headmaster for the majority of their experience. 

We are also thankful to Malcom Swift, our Chair of Governors, who was in attendance, and explained the challenges presented over the past year. He praised Mr Banks and the strong position his hard work and leadership has left Caldicott in for the coming years. Mr Wild was also given a farewell after 29 years at Caldicott, with Malcom commending his commitment to all things Caldicott in this time, and thanking him for his service. Ma'am Corrigan, who has also served at Caldicott for some time, was given a farewell and thanked for her time with us as Head of PSHEE. Sarah Arbi was remembered; a valued member of the Caldicott support staff, and well known to the boys and parents, she is in our thoughts always.

The prize giving followed, these speeches; with only our 6th Formers in attendance they made their way up the carpet when their name was called, to collect their prizes from our Guest of Honour, Dr Yosuke Matsumiya. Yosuke was Head boy at Caldicott (1993-1998), going on to study at Eton and train as a clinical doctor at Oxford, before becoming Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo and more recently, Managing Director of LUCA Science UK. Yosuke gave a touching, personal speech to the Leavers and explained that some of these friendships made at Caldicott can potentially last years and years. They are the kinds of relationships you will always be able to fall back on, even if you haven’s spoken in months or years. He explained he knew this from personal experience. At his time at Caldicott, he had two best friends, with whom he would stay with during exeats and some holidays. After their time at Caldicott they stayed in touch as best they could, and eventually when he married at the Caldicott Chapel, those two lifelong friends were his best men. One of those men, he revealed to the boys, was sat in front of them today – Mr Brown, our Director of IT.

The messages that our Speech givers relayed were ones that we hope the boys will take with them and guide them as they leave Caldicott and go on to do magnificent things.