Take Part in Our 4th Annual Steam Fair Competition

09 July 2021


A brief reminder that boys should be starting to think about their entries for our 4th annual Steam Fair in October that showcases the best creative, innovative and topical ideas that students have worked on over the summer holidays.

All boys are encouraged to take some time to work on an idea or invention that they feel may make a difference to others, either locally or globally. 

To help both boys and staff there is a template where their research, planning, making and evaluating should be recorded. It also has a lot of guidance and tips. A view only copy is here for information.


Each boy has been given a Google Classroom code so that they can join a new class and find the template they should use. The year group codes are repeated here:

1st Form:        pvzjenq

2nd Form:       xsgwbj6

3rd Form:        dqytu5e

4th Form:        irsrdac

5th Form:        2adxqwi


To encourage participation in the Lower School we have also introduced new awards for 1st and 2nd Form.  As well as the unrestricted category they can also choose to make something in the Cardboard Gadget or Lego Legend categories.

Work should be done over the holidays and submitted before 17 September.  Adults are encouraged to assist their sons but in a way that is age appropriate. Please feel free to help them with things that are tricky or otherwise need adult help and supervision but otherwise it is the boys’ own creativity and skills we are wanting to see.

If you have any questions please contact Mr Bennett, [email protected]