The Community Connecting at Our OC Rugby 2021

15 September 2021


Old Caldicotian events provide an uplifting occasion for the wider Caldicott community to come together. Over the years, Ma’am Duncan has organised some great opportunities to bring together the history of Caldicott, which fundamentally boils down to the boys we’ve had enter our school, and leave as Caldicott boys.

Unfortunately, and for obvious reasons, many of the OC events we would normally run have been postponed and cancelled over the last 18 months. This made last Sunday even more special, when we were able to host a brilliant afternoon of touch rugby. OCs from across the generations attended, one being Steve Hill (OC 1959-65) who shared his experience of winning Rosslyn Park School 7s, back in the 60s. A picture of him in his Caldicott rugby cap can be seen below. Steve was one of many that had a lovely time at the event and thanked us wholeheartedly, ‘I did enjoy coming back and it triggered many good memories…I went away suitably impressed with the state of the school today, and do hope there will be follow up events in due course.’

Well, fear not Steve, there are many more OC events to come over this academic year; to stay up to date make sure you follow Old Caldicotians on Instagram and Twitter.