House Maths Competition

24 September 2021


At Caldicott there are a variety of ways to contribute to your House’s success through earning valuable points. The running total of each House is displayed across the school on various screens, the locations of which are made clear by the groups of boys surrounding them, discussing tactics to bring their House to the lead.

There are competitions across the school in all kinds of disciplines; this week was the House Maths Competition, where the more analytically-minded of our boys got the opportunity to shine. The Seniors competed last week (with the results below), the Lower School competed on Friday, and the Middle School take part on Monday.

Senior results:

1st Place – Cooper House

2nd Place – Wood House

3rd Place – Jenkins

4th Place – McArthur


The top scorers (out of 25) were:

5th Form – Clark C (19), Montgomery CS (20), Nate W (23)

6th Form – Ralphie B (17), Tommy A (18), Charlie T (18)