What our Flexi-Boarders Have to Say

24 September 2021


After the first full week of flexi-boarding in action, we have caught up with some of the Caldicott boys to see how they’re getting on. Year 4s, 5s and 6s all had different suggestions for their favourite part of boarding life. ‘We get even more play time in the day’, says RWC (Y4), whereas in Year 5, the boys decided the snug was the best part, ‘you can play board games, Lego, watch films, there’s so much to do!’. RW and CC (Y6) decided between them that the lie-in is unbeatable, instead of having to get up earlier and get ready to go to school you can enjoy the ‘incredible breakfast’ that the brilliant catering team prepare every morning, on top of extra time in bed.

Doing new things is always a little scary, and so it’s expected that some boys may feel a little homesick when they start to board. RN (Y6) has something to say to these boys considering boarding for the first time, ‘don’t worry because you really don’t get as homesick as you might think, everyone is so nice, and you get used to it all so quickly!’. BVN (Y4) already feels at home, ‘I’ve flexi-boarded for six days and I already feel like I know where everything is. If anyone needs to know anything, they can come to me and I’ll help them.’

All of the boys said that even in the first few days they’ve been boarding in the last week and a half, they’ve made new friends. BVH and RWC have enjoyed making friends with some of the older boys, who they don’t normally interact with as much. The matronal team are a massive part of ‘upstairs’ life at Caldicott and the boys get to know them very well, and know they can rely on them for support. RW (Y6) mentioned Ma’am Abernathy who has helped him settle in, ‘she is just so calm and so nice’.

This taste of boarding has already made the boys really excited to full board when they get to Years 7 and 8. It’s no surprise considering the opportunities that become available to you when boarding at Caldicott. Spending even more time with friends creates experiences and memories that will last with these boys for their whole lives.