Meet the Boys Making Caldicott More Sustainable

24 September 2021


At Caldicott we have lots of committees filled with boys keen to enact change for the better of their peers and community. This is a mindset which we strongly encourage, and so it was great to see our sustainability committee meeting on Friday.

The new members for this academic year started their first meeting by discussing the 5 ‘R’s of sustainability with Mr Leggett, the Chair of the committee. They went on to discuss how the school is run in terms of sustainability and started the discussion on possibilities of how to improve things. In their next meeting they will be walking around the school grounds to help inspire ideas of how to make Caldicott more sustainable.

Every half term the sustainability committee will meet and discuss how to put some of their ideas into practice. We look forward to the impact they’ll have on the school, and are always proud to see our boys taking an active role in the improving the world around them.