Steam Fair Finalists Announced

01 October 2021


We are delighted to announce the names of the 12 boys whose projects have been selected for the STEAM Fair Finals on Saturday 9 October. There were a lot of new and innovative ideas and some creative use of Lego in a new category aimed at the younger boys. The projects will be on display during our Open Morning and the boys will be able to explain their ideas to visiting parents. The parents of finalists are also invited to attend. To help with social distancing we have capped the number of finalists to 12 and will not be hosting external judges this year.


Feedback on all entries has been made on the online template on Google Classroom. 


Our 2021 Finalists are:

Joshua B - 2nd Form

Danny L - 2nd Form

Arnav O - 2nd Form

Robby WC - 2nd Form

Wilbur R - 3rd Form

Ethan D  - 4th Form

Toby P - 4th Form

Anton F - 4th Form

Wilfred S - 5th Form

Aston J - 5th Form

Leo LF - 5th Form

Marcus S - 6th Form


Their projects include food sugar labelling aimed at children, biodegradable plastic bags, golf tees and food packaging, plastic bottle microplastic indicators, seed planting robots, covid hand protectors and healthy food and rubbish collecting apps. There was no competition theme this year but it is apparent that our boys have health and sustainability firmly in their minds and so we have grouped their work into four categories namely Lego Solutions, Tech Solutions, Health Solutions and Sustainability.

Congratulations to all.


Some of last year's finalists